Can I practice Systema Spetsnaz without a partner/teacher?

The answer is “Yes” and “You Should”! When you start learning Systema Spetsnaz, most principles and exercises you will have to practice on your own. And we recommend practicing basic principles (techniques) on your own. At the beginning, your body should learn fundamental Systema Spetsnaz motions. And you won’t need a partner for that. Until […]

How to deliver a strong penetrating punch/strike?

Systema Spetsnaz Instructor Course - Russian Martial Art

There are 7 main rules that you should practice to deliver a strong penetrating punch or strike. Before description those 7 rules, I assume that you already have the foundational knowledge about strikes, punches & kicks, such as: Type of strikes (single strike, double strikes, triple strikes) Strike variations (fist strike, punches, elbow, shoulder strikes, open palm […]

Learning Martial Arts with physical limitation due to an injury

Learning Martial Arts with physical limitation due to an injury

I am wondering how difficult this will be to learn with physical limitation due to an injury?
– In reality, your desire gives you a huge advantage, and you might get even better results compare to people who do not have any injuries. Here is what you should to know before your training

Sight Power in Combat – DVD #19 – Commonly Asked Questions

Systema Spetsnaz DVD 19

I have poor eyesight. Should I wear glasses while doing the exercises? How far should I stand in front of the picture and the dot? Do I stand right in front of the images or at an angle?

Cowardice – How to stop being a coward!

stop being a coward

I almost got into a fight and but I did not, I backed away instead. I got scared and my Systema Spetsnaz skills just went out from the window. What videos do you recommend, so it won’t happen again? How can I take away my cowardice? How can I stop being a coward and get into a fight without being scared? Please help me! I need all your help! I am tired of being a coward!

Learning Systema Spetsnaz – where to begin?

Learn Systema Spetsnaz - Where to Begin

Which videos should I start with. I want train as if I will be in combat. I need your guidance to begin system combat correctly.

The combat trance: breathing energy & meditation in Systema Spetsnaz

I have a question regarding self development DVD #12 : regenerative breathing energy. In fact, when I do meditation, I feel the same vibrations that I feel when I am practicing exercises with the black dot. I feel the same trance … is that normal?


There are a lot of great Russian Spetsnaz DVDs. Which one to choose? We are offering a list of DVDs that everyone should have to master vital Systema skills!

Developing the Ability to Sense Danger

developing the ability to sense danger

Is there a DVD that gives exercises on developing the ability to sense danger?

How to fight multiple opponents

how to fight multiple opponents

I would like to know more about the group fighting Systema Spetsnaz Training part of your systema spetsnaz program? Do you have a dvd on it? Can you sent me a video showing multiple opponents combat?

Energy Strikes: what does striking in 1/2 figures mean?

Systema Spetsnaz Energy Strikes - DVD #10

I’m watching Systema Spetsnaz DVD #10 and have a question. When striking what does 1 & 1/2 figures in depth mean?

Self-Development Training: DVD #11 – Commonly Asked Questions

Self-Development DVD #1: Psychophysical Self-Regulation.

Can you tell me how much time daily is needed to practice this training in order to get good results at achieving a relaxed mind and body? Does the training need to be done once or twice daily for best results? How easy is it to gain an altered state of consciousness that can be maintained during combat? Can results come with this training in hours, days, weeks, or months?

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