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Systema Spetsnaz Instructor’s Benefits:

  1. Systema Spetsnaz Instructor receives all instructional DVDs at 30% off the retail price.
  2. Systema Spetsnaz Instructor receives a 25% discount for all seminars Worldwide! 
  3. An instructor has a right to open a school and teach group classes and private lessons.
  4. All instructors will be promoted on our website and all our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest etc.
  5. We do not charge any monthly, yearly or any other fees from the certified instructors. All fees that instructor’s charges from students belong to the instructor!

Systema Spetsnaz Instructor’s requirements:

  1. Age: 18+
  2. Martial Arts experience: 1 year of training at our system or 3 years of training at any other Martial Arts.
  3. Certification/Knowledge confirmation:
  • Instructor level 1 – should take a re-certification test once a year.
  • Instructor level 2 – should take a re-certification test once in 2 years.
  • Instructor level 3 – none.

Online re-certification fee for level 1 instructor is $350.

Online certification is available only for level 1 instructor. Certification for level 2 and higher can be received only in person at the seminar. Read more details about Systema Spetsnaz – Self-Defense Instructors Levels – click here.

Systema Spetsnaz - Russian Martial Art

Russian Martial Art - Systema Spetsnaz


Online certification fee: $699

5 steps certification process:

  1. Send your request to info@SystemaSpetsnaz
  2. Purchase all Spetsnaz DVDs
  3. Practice Systema Spetsnaz on your own and record 2 video clips using Instructor’s evaluation plan below.
  4. Upload videos to YouTube and email us links to your video. Your video should be in English or Russian language.
  5. After reviewing your video, we might set up additional skype conference with Vadim Starov.
    Note: If you pass the exam successfully and receive an instructor’s certificate, we will use your videos (fully or partially) at our website, YouTube and other social media networks to promote your new school.

The instructor certification fee includes:
– email support (for all your training questions while preparing your instructor’s video)
– the evaluation of your 2 video clips,
– skype conference/interview with Vadim Starov (optional)
– English-Russian translation for Vadim Starov during the skype interview.

Certification fee does not include instructional DVDs. They must be purchased separately!

Systema Spetsnaz Instructor’s evaluation plan:

Theoretical part
(Video #1 – 10 minutes maximum):

1. Introduction –  2 min.
Name, Age, Martial art & spiritual experience

2. Demo of your current martial art style – 3 minutes.
We would like to see a reality based sparring with 1-2 people, where you are using striking and punching techniques, defensive techniques against strikes and punches and defense against grabs.

3. Why do you want to become a systema spetsnaz instructor – 2 min
What do you like the most about systema spetsnaz? What’s the difference between systema spetsnaz and other martial arts? Your future plans (organize group/private training, getting certification for your professional career: security, bodyguard etc.)
Training materials: DVD #1 and DVD #18

3. History of Russian martial arts – 2 min
Shortly, what do you know about Russian martial art history, your favorite historical battle or a commander?
Training materials: DVD #1, DVD #2, DVD #18, systema historical articles and any other books about Russian history of your choice.

Practical part: Systema Spetsnaz Self-Defense training:
(Video #2 – 35 minutes maximum):

1. Physical test
Exercise #1: 10 regular push-ups.
Exercise #2: 10 times – in the plank position – bring your legs to his chest and bring them back.
Exercise #3: abs – lie on your back. Choose one of the followings:

  • 10 time – rise up your body vertically (90-degree angle) or
  • 10 time – bring your legs over your head or
  • 10 time – folding in – bring together your elbows and your knees

Exercise #4: 10 times – jump from a full squat or 10 squats (5 on each leg, touching the floor with your knee).

Repeat everything 4 times (4 cycles). For the real Spetsnaz test, a soldier under age of 30 should be able to do all 4 cycles within 3 minutes. The instructor of level #1 should be able to complete all 4 cycles, no time limit.

Here is an example:

2. Wave motion exercises, figure eights (with your hand and legs), rolls, safe falling techniques, joint development exercises – demo 3 min + explanations (these exercises are important and what common mistakes students can make)
Training materials: DVD #3, DVD #5, DVD #14, DVD #16, DVD #17, DVD #18

3. Primary movements in Systema Spetsnaz – 2 min demo + explanations
Training materials: DVD #8, DVD #15, DVD #16

4. Punches & Strikes 2 min demo + 2 min explanations (how to deliver a strike, primary striking zones, different types of strikes and when to apply them (punches, strike with the side of your palm, bear paw strike, double and triple strikes, elbow and shoulder strike, energy strikes)
Training materials: DVD #4, DVD #10, DVD #15, DVD #18, DVD #20

5. Kicks and working in lower plane – 2 min demo + 2 min explanations
Training materials: DVD #4, DVD #15, DVD #17

6. Grabs, Chokes, wrist, elbow and finger locks2 min demo + 2 min explanations (wrist, elbow, shoulder grabs, chokes and grabs by the clothes, grabs from behind, principle of working with point of support and rotation, 3 plane concept)
Training materials: DVD #7, DVD #8, DVD #15, DVD #18

7. Take-down techniques – 2 min demo + 2 min explanations
Training materials: DVD #8, DVD #15, DVD #17

8. Knife, Gun, and Stick – 2 min demo + 2 min explanations (Knife and Gun disarming techniques using a lever and the 3 planes concept. Turning a knife against an opponent, body integration into the knife’s plane, knife threats to arteries, neck, the threat of a knife from behind. Threads with a gun.)
Training materials: DVD #6, DVD #7, DVD #8, DVD #15, DVD #16

9. Tension and relaxation in hand to hand combat – 3 min demo + explanations (the difference between chest and abdominal breathing, why is it important to fight in a relaxed state, what will happen if you tense your body, what’s your favorite relaxation exercise and why, if your inhales will be longer then your exhales what state you will achieve and opposite – if you exhales will be longer than your inhales)
Training materials: DVD #11, DVD #12, DVD #13, DVD #15, DVD #16, DVD #17

10. Working with Internal energy – 2 min of explanations – how do you understand internal energy, what the difference between energy strikes and regular strikes, how to generate your own energy in combat, why is it important to control your inner state, why psychological methods do you know to influence an opponent, how voice, intonation, speed of your movements can affect your opponent, why do you want to copy your opponent, and what’s the principle of “reverse mirror”, describe the situation where it can be used.)
Training materials: DVD #5, DVD #9, DVD #10, DVD #11, DVD #12, DVD #13, DVD #15, DVD #16, DVD #17, DVD #19, DVD #20

Feel Free to contact us with any additional questions! We would be happy to answer all of them!

Featured SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ DVD for Instructors: 

Russian Spetsnaz

Systema Spetsnaz - Russian Martial Art

To read the Liability Release Statement – click here.

Systema Spetsnaz Instructor's Course

Systema Spetsnaz Instructor’s Course

Systema Spetsnaz - Russian Martial Art

Systema Spetsnaz Instructor’s Questions & Answers:

Systema Spetsnaz TrainingI’m interested in pursuing Systema training and instructor certification. I am an advanced Krav Maga instructor and would love to add the Systema principles and system to my own studies as well as my students. I’m interested in the 10 DVD video set. If I study this, would I be prepared after to travel to Russia and pursue instructor certification?  Does this provide enough content to adequately prepare me?

hand to hand combat training
Yes, 10 DVD set will provide a good content to prepare you for the seminar and I think it will give you a good knowledge for the instructor certificate. I also recommend watching Systema Spetsnaz 3 day Seminar.

Being a Krav Maga instructor, you understand that not everyone who watched all instructional videos can become an instructor. It will depend only on you. Watching all videos once is not enough. You will have to practice to master your new knowledge. With your Martial Art experience, you know that mastery comes from practice and dedication. Wish you all the best in your practice. Feel free to contact us with training questions that you might have in the future.

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