Systema Spetsnaz VS other Martial Arts

A lot of students from different Martial Arts have discovered that Systema Spetsnaz system is more effective, more realistic and easier to learn compare to what they’ve learned already. 

That is true. Systema Spetsnaz system is unique, but we would like to say “Do not depreciate your achievements”.  All Martial Arts have their uniqueness and benefits! Take Systema Spetsnaz principles and combine them with your current combat knowledge and you will be unbeatable!

So, what is specifically different in Systema Spetsnaz compare to other Martial arts?

Systema Spetsnaz VS other Martial Arts

Systema Spetsnaz vs other Martial Arts

1. The biggest difference in Systema Spetsnaz is that we teach principles, don’t specific fighting techniques. We teach principles of physics and mechanics. Systema Spetsnaz is based on sciences, such as mathematics, physics, geometry, anatomy and human psychology. It is like learning an alphabet. When you know letters, you can write your own story vs remembering specific words (or specific techniques).

2. We don’t believe in “blueprint” in combat. In other words, memorized techniques will not work in real life. Everyone has a unique body type, hight, weight, different body flexibility and different self-defense experience, same as your opponent. The specific technique will work well for one person and may be deadly for another. Every situation is unique. That is why we are focusing on individual approach, showing a lot of variations and base the training on laws of science!

3. Systema Spetsnaz works for everyone! We don’t have any age,  gender or physical abilities limitations. Our system works well for beginners and experienced martial artists. We are teaching principles, not techniques. We do not have ‘fancy’ moves or crazy jumps or complicated combat applications that you have to remember. You don’t have to memorize specific fighting techniques. You only need to understand the fighting concept and learn few self-defense principles or rules. Then, you can create your own combat applications based on your age, gender and physical abilities. The training is based on universal principles of combat motions. Learn the principles and, immediately, you will know hundreds of effective and practical techniques that can be used for strikes, punches, kicks, takedowns, grabs and chokes!

4. Systema Spetsnaz is quick and easy to learn, uses only 25% of the physical strength! Systema Spetsnaz was originally developed for the military special operation units (Spetsnaz). The task was to teach a soldier the best and the most effective fighting techniques in a short amount of time. No one can predict what can happen during a war. The Spetsnaz soldier must rely on himself. The soldier might be wounded and his physical strength might not help him. Spetsnaz soldiers must know how to fight with multiple opponents under difficult weather conditions and in dangerous environment. That is why we are teaching how to use only 25% of your physical strength and generate the strong power using a body weight, point of support, rotation and levers. The Spetsnaz soldier must not only survive, but also to complete the assigned task.

5. Systema Spetsnaz is also dedicated to Self-Development training.
Learning combat techniques and improving your physical shape is often not enough to win the fight. A person should be psychologically ready and be able to control the stressful situation. The knowledge of human psychology help to control an opponent on the invisible level: predict his next move, read his emotions and use his energy against him. By learning breathing, meditation techniques and working with your own energy you will advance in your combat skills and gain a great benefits your daily life!



And, we always like to say – Your safety is number one! Listen to your body, do not force your self, feel your body. Your body is your best teacher! If you can not do something today, you can come back to it tomorrow. Your own body and is your best instructor, you just have to learn how to communicate with it!

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