Sight Power in Combat – DVD #19 – Commonly Asked Questions

Systema Spetsnaz TrainingI have poor eyesight. Should I wear glasses while doing the exercises?

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At first we recommend to contact your optometrist. If you have a physical injury, then exercises from the DVD my not be for you. The exercises from DVD will help to straighten your eye muscle and as the result improve your eyesight. In case of physical injury it might not be possible.

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How far should I stand in front of the picture and the dot? Do I stand right in front of the images or at an angle?

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Draw a black dot on white paper, approximately half inch in diameter (3 centimeters). Hang the dot on the wall in front of you, approximately 5-10 centimeters  (2-4 inches) ABOVE eye level. Stand across from the paper (right in FRONT of the image) and concentrate your attention on that dot.  Feet are shoulder-width apart. You can slightly bend your knees.  The knees should be over your toes.  Don’t let your knees stick out any farther forward than your toes.


Systema Spetsnaz DVD 19 - Sight Power in CombatSystema Spetsnaz DVD 19 - Sight Power in Combat - Buy Now!

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #19:
Sight Power in Combat: How to Improve Eyesight

How to improve eyesight?
How to use a sight power in combat to overcome an opponent?

Watch this Self-Development DVD and you will:

• learn practical exercises of how to improve your eyesight within 30 days
• find out where to focus your sight during combat
• practice sending signals through eyes to control your opponent’s mobility
• improve your fighting skills applying psychological elements through vision
• deliver an impact to the opponent’s mind through your sight power


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