Can I practice Systema Spetsnaz without a partner/teacher?

The answer is “Yes” and “You Should”!

When you start learning Systema Spetsnaz, most principles and exercises you will have to practice on your own. And we recommend practicing basic principles (techniques) on your own. At the beginning, your body should learn fundamental Systema Spetsnaz motions. And you won’t need a partner for that. Until you learn the principles and foundational keys of systema spetsnaz there is nothing to practice with a partner.

So, the 1st and the most important step is to practice on your own.

Systema Spetsnaz Training

Systema Spetsnaz Training

We have a lot of students who have achieved great results by practicing Systema Spetsnaz at home. It all depends on you. If you can find time and practice regularly, then “YES”, you can learn the system at home and be good in it!

When you are ready to practice your knowledge with a partner, try to make your practice as close to a real-life scenario as possible. Most people are trying to find a professional martial artist for sparring, but this is not a reality. Professional people do not involve in a fight on the street or a bar. Keep it in mind. Your practice partner can be anyone – your neighbor, your friend, brother, uncle, wife etc. The person doesn’t have to have any martial arts experience. Do not make any complicated situations. Lets your partner to ‘attack’ you in the most natural way.

Get  Systema Spetsnaz DVDs and Start practicing!

Systema Spetsnaz DVDs

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