Systema Spetsnaz Feedback: Ukraine

Systema Spetsnaz Training: August 2012 – Crimea, Ukraine


Systema Spetsnaz Feedback from Training in Ukraine

Reflections on the seminar with Vadim Starov:

In August 2012 I attended Vadim Starov’s seminar “Self-Development Training – Work with Energy” in Crimea. My decision to participate in it was supported by the fact that I had been to several of his seminars in the Czech Republik and Slovakia before and found them not only extremely enlightening but also very good for my health and state of mind. Furthermore,  the content of the seminar in Crimea, particularly doing exercises in places of power, really intrigued me. In my life, I have traveled widely both in Europe and Asia and visited quite a lot of so-called places of power in various countries. Needless to say, not all of them live up to this appellation, therefore I was genuinely curious as to what I was about to encounter in Crimea.

The first part of the seminar took place at the seaside in the resort town of Novy Svet, the second in the Crimean Mountains near the historic fortress of Mangup. Both the rocky coast and green inland countryside are areas of breathtaking beauty. Every day we spent several hours doing energetic exercises including different breathing exercises, we also worked with different natural elements, meditated and visited various places of power. I must say that those in Crimea “shine like a good deed in a naughty world”. I was astonished to see how alive and powerful these places still are. Unfortunately, a lot of similar places in Europe seem almost empty in comparison. I felt really moved realizing just how much contact with nature we have lost, needless to say, to the detriment of our physical and mental health.

Systema Spetsnaz - Self-Development Training - Working with Energy
Working with trees is also worth mentioning here as we encountered a few very interesting pieces from which we could feel flows of energy so massive it was almost hard to believe (and I would not have if others had not shared the same experience). I myself particularly like exercises with trees and find them really remedial. Their indisputable advantage is that one can do them almost anywhere, even in city parks.

One of the most interesting places Vadim took us to see was the sacred mountain Karaul-Oba. This rocky mountain gives out a really powerful energy whose quality differs in various parts – cold energy comes from the dark crevices bringing almost tangible evidence of ancient magic rituals, while pleasant warm energy radiates from other parts, showing signs of the presence of fire and earth elemental beings. On the other side of the mountain, we visited the   Meadow of Heaven where we found a very interesting place consisting of several stone circles. It was an amazing experience for me, because the moment I stepped into them, I started to see fragments of one of my past lives in which I participated in a certain kind of ritual. I believe it was not a coincidence that I saw just this one from those I can remember.

For those particularly interested in coming into contact with elemental beings and other entities, I strongly recommend taking a stroll up the Mangup mountain starting at the village at the foot of the hill. Not only is the mountain forest full of magnificent ancient ruins, which will definitely please the heart of any tourist passing by, but it is also incredibly “alive”. All it takes is to enter into silence, calm your mind and in seconds you find yourself in the magical realm of such an energetic power which makes you stare in silent awe. As for the ruins mentioned above, some of them still hold its power and when you examine them in more detail, you can sense or see the flows of energy passing through them. Our ancestors definitely knew how and where to build shrines and other sacred buildings. The ancient Mangup fortress lying at the top of the mountain (which is a plateau in fact), is a perfect place for contemplation. We did some practices there and it was exactly the place one should go if you need to recharge your batteries after a long tiring day or – if you do exercises in the morning – start your day in a deeply relaxed state of mind. While being there, I looked   through some nearby caves where I   found some magical sigils on the walls, definitely quite recent, so people obviously come to these places in order to perform various kinds of rituals. Bearing the atmosphere of the place in mind, it is not surprising.

Systema Spetsnaz Russian Martial Art Self-Development DVDs

I could write a few more pages about how great and useful the Systema Spetsnaz Internal Energy Seminar in Crimea for me was, but as they say – experience is un-transferable – so go and see it for yourself!

As far as I am concerned, I would definitely recommend Systema Spetsnaz Seminars not only to people already interested in different energetic practices or various teachings but also to complete beginners in this area who would finally like to change something about their life and start to feel both physically and mentally better.

It is great that there are people like Vadim who are able and willing to share their knowledge and experience with others and help them regain the lost contact with their inner self, realize the immense power of mind and last but not least,   rediscover healing energetic power of nature.

I believe nothing in life is more important than that!

~ Lada D., Czech Republic






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