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Systema Spetsnaz Feedback - RussiaMy name is Manchun Yang. I’m president of Krav Maga Korea Federation and Korea Teuk-Kong moo sul 6 dan. I appreciate Master Vadim Starov. I was invited Russian hand to hand combat seminar in Tver city. Master Vadim’s skill is great and I feel good also Russian traditional martial arts and meditation’s relax energy. I think Systema Spetsnaz’s defense system is very impressive, effective, explosive techniques. I consider it my duty to write to you and thank you ,truly.

Friendly KMKF President
Manchun Yang
July 2014

How I ever got here in Tver, Russia attending Russian Systema Spetsnaz Seminar is a question but also faith. I met Mr. Vadim Starov the first day I arrived in Tver.

We discussed all information needed about the seminar. Thanks to Olga, our English interpreter, I felt relaxed and confident that I will have great time in Tver and at the systema seminar. We started the first day of the systema seminar at one of Tver Military Training centers. It was good and very interesting. And I also got to know some of the participants. As we progressed the following days of training, I noticed that Russian Sytema Spetsnaz of hand to hand combat is devoted to a real combat fighting with a heavy emphasize on the mental component. One person attack to multiple and mass attack without or with weapon, such as knife, sword, 52 pole and combat rifles – all this was a part of seminars’ program. At the age of 65 I found myself learning combat situations forward and reverse tumbling many acrobatic military maneuver techniques. I was ready to head on home on the second day, because it was a hard spetsnaz training every day.

But I decided to stay, exhausted in the evening with an ache, and continue to be ready the next day. Since it was becoming very interesting, especially one of the training which was devoted to developing sensitivity, which is very similar to the training I had had previously. Blindfold you can sense energy and awareness based on 5 senses. In the last four days the program was divided into two parts. In the morning we continued training that we had had previously. The other half of the day we attended practice and lecture based on the system of integrated development of intellect.

I have grown so much more in over a week and enlightened my weaknesses in my martial arts training. I am glad that I attended this systema seminar and would do it again when I have the next opportunity, given to me. And I hope to expand my knowledge to the next level. It is truly the best training I have had for a long time. For all this I would like to thank and give my appreciation to those, who made it happen with me. It was a great group and a real group of people – the team instructor and the participants from different parts of Russia.

Mr. Vadim Starov, thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity and experience, sharing with us the exceptional knowledge in your style of martial arts. Thanks also to Olga, Oksana and Michael for proving a bridge for communication in spite of our language barrier.

Professor Senkotiros Founder Maximo Moratillo Pallen
March 2006

My impressions about Russian Systema Spetsnaz Seminar:

The reason why I attended Russian systema seminar was my long search for universal system of self-defense. I’ll tell you straight away that past 15 years I haven’t been doing any sports or martial arts. Before that used to do Jo-do, Boxing and different styles of Karate. At the beginning of learning every one of them always had a live interest and a great desire to get the secrets of those martial arts as quick as possible, but was disappointed from routine of drilling strikes, blocks and counter-attacks.

The systema seminar was given by the director of international centre of hand-to-hand combat Systema Spetsnaz – Vadim Starov. I took part in it and witnessed real, very interesting and hard work, and I mean work, because during lessons I quickly understood that Systema Spetsnaz is not a sport and not a system of self-defense – it’s a complete survival system.

On practical lessons we were given some of the main bits of this Russian systema Spetsnaz- elements of biomechanics, releases from grips, possibilities of using your body to survive in extreme situations. The fact that a defense is a counter-attack at same time was a discovery for me. You don’t block a strike, but use strength and speed of your opponent instead. The stronger and faster your opponent is – the easier and more effective it is to neutralize him. Your own body is a weapon. Universality of the Spetsnaz Systema is in the fact that you can learn it at any age and without being fit.

I’d like to say that new skills you get by doing other sports or martial arts don’t effect (in a bad way) your learning the Spetsnaz Style. There were two women taking part in the spetsnaz seminar and I was very surprised when one of them (she was about 50 kg in weight and has never done any martial arts) easily put me down on the floor (I’m 1.78 tall and 120 kg in weight). I’ve never seen anything like what Vadim Starov showed us. He showed us how it’s possible to change state of consciousness for better intuition, reaction, emotional control, etc.

The main thing for me was that there is no routine of drilling moves and strikes. Systema SpetsNaz – is a creative process. Once you understand the human body as a system of levers and how they work – the rest in Systema SpetsNaz depends on your imagination, goals and astuteness. Once you know psychological and spiritual sides of the system, you become not only a combat machine but also a person why is ready for any extreme and stressful situations.

In my opinion, every self respected person must know at least basics of SPETSNAZ to protect himself (herself) and relatives in conditions of real threat to life or health. I’d like to thank Vadim Starov for keeping Russian combat traditions and teaching people.

With respect, Sergej,
January 2006

Last year, I had the opportunity to take part in a two-week systema seminar of Spetsnaz held in Tver. For six hours each day, I trained with Russian military and non-military personnel directly on the military base as well as in the surrounding forest. The systema seminar was a very enriching experience not only from a martial arts perspective but from a human one as well.

The instructors were top-notch in their field and showed us the various techniques in a very professional and efficient manner. We learned about bio-mechanics, levers and angles of attack, the importance of breathing and relaxation, how to roll, perform locks and throws, toss knives, avoid strikes with and without weapons, hit and kick opponents.

At the same time, all of the participants and instructors showed kindness and generosity towards me and the three other foreigners who attended the seminar. Spetsnaz training took place in a spirit of openness, warmth and hospitality. I hope to train again one day with the people that I met there.

The Director of the Center, Mr Vadim Starov, made extra special efforts to accommodate me during my stay.

I would like to thank Mr Starov and all of the instructors at the International Center of Russian Martial Arts for their efforts to promote Systema Spetsnaz in Russia and in other countries.

First-level instructor: Randall Jones
July 2004, Fribourg, Switzerland

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