Krav Maga vs Systema Spetsnaz

Krav Maga and Systema Spetsnaz vs Other Martial Arts:

Krav Maga and Systema Spetsnaz, both are for self-defense in a real world. Both Systems have a military foundation, and both systema was adapted for civilian self-defense training.

Most other martial arts are considered as a ‘sport’ style to maintain physical strength, good shape and compete in martial arts sparring. Remember, any sparring competition has rules and a judge who can stop the fight at any time. There are not rules and no judges on the street.

Now, let’s compare Krav Maga and Systema Spetsnaz.

Krav Maga vs Systema Spetsnaz

The major benefits of Systema is that it has more simple elements and less requirements than Krav Maga. I am not talking about the military requirements for Russian Special Forces, or Spetsnaz, (they are extremely hard). I am referring to self-defense system for regular people.

Four Main Benefits of Systema Spetsnaz vs Krav Maga

1. Systema Spetsnaz teaches principles and fighting “laws”, not specific fighting techniques. The specific technique will work well for one person and may be deadly for another. Every situation is unique. That is why we are, at Systema Spetsnaz, focusing on individual approach, teaching fighting principles based on physics, mechanics, and psychology.

2. Systema Spetsnaz works for everyone. We don’t have any age, gender or physical abilities limitations. Because we are teaching fighting principles, not techniques (vs Krav Maga), you can create your own variations based on your age, gender, and physical abilities. The Spetsnaz training is based on universal principles of combat motions. Learn the principles and, immediately, you will know hundreds of effective and practical applications that can be used for strikes, punches, kicks, takedowns, grabs, and chokes!

3. Systema Spetsnaz uses only 25% of the physical strength! Krav Maga teaches how to deliver a strong punch, strike or kick mostly using physical body strength. Systema Spetsnaz was originally developed for the military. The soldier might be wounded and his physical strength might not help him. The main task was to create a system that will be effective in any situation and can be learned in a short period of time. That is why Systema Spetsnaz style uses only 25% of physical strength. The penetrating power is generated through transferring the body weight, applying point of support, rotation, and levers, which make a soldier almost unbeatable.  This video has some technical explanations:

4. Systema Spetsnaz is also dedicated to Self-Development training.
Learning combat techniques and improving your physical shape is often not enough to win the fight. A person should be psychologically ready and be able to control the stressful situation. The knowledge of human psychology help to control an opponent on the invisible level: predict his next move, read his emotions and use his energy against him. Learning breathing, meditation techniques, working with energy and improving combat skills – all together will bring you to combat mastery.

Learn more about self-development training here.

Krav Maga vs Systema Spetsnaz testimonials:

I’m, Marco Morabito, the president of the I.K.M.O. (International Krav Maga Organization), Italy – Genoa, I write this feedback to point out the professionalism and the great combat skills of Systema Spetsnaz Chief-Instructor – Vadim Starov. The theoretical hand to hand combat concepts and practical applications of systema self-defense have proved themselves. The effectiveness of the Systema style is really impressive! I frankly hope that my feedback and my experience will be useful for others Krav Maga Masters and will motivate them to try Systema methods. It will, definitely, benefit your Krav Maga skills and bring you to a higher level of combat mastery!

Marco Morabito,
The president of International Krav Maga Organization.

Krav Maga vs Systema Spetsnaz - Russian Martial Arts

Vadim Starov brought not only Russian hand to hand combat techniques to the training, but also the history of Russian warriors, great value of traditions and culture. I am proud to be an instructor of Systema Spetsnaz school and share my knowledge with my students.

Fabbrizio Ligios,
Krav Maga Instructor

Krav Maga vs Systema Spetsnaz - Russian Martial Arts

We have really appreciated the cleverness and the ingenuousness of the Systema teacher – Vadim Starov. A lot of people in Italy know Vadim and his Systema Spetsnaz style is becoming more and more popular because of its realistic combat approach and simplicity of the style. As a Krav Maga Instructor, I highly recommend to check out Systema training, because I strongly believe that it will expand your knowledge and help you to master your combat skills.

Agostino Ventriglia,
Krav Maga Instructor

Krav Maga vs Systema Spetsnaz - Russian Martial Arts

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