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The system of the intellect/brain development (memory, thinking, logic etc) has the special value for the training in Russian hand to hand combat – Systema Spetsnaz.

Brain Development Exercises

Brain Development – interactions of left and right hemispheres of a brain

The developed right hemisphere of the brain
responds for a position and orientation of the body in space, for a coordination and speed of motions, for quick identification of the information from all body parts, including the sensitivity to a pain and reducing the intoxication, sharply increasing the intuitive perception.

The developed left hemisphere of the brain evaluates our brain’s operations, allows to avoid the chaos, accepts the reality as it is and to select an actual method of reacting on the arisen danger.
The person acts most effectively in extreme situations, when he uses both hemispheres and trains the brain to work as a unit.

Each person can multiply the intellectual capabilities, logical and creative thinking, memory, intuition in a short time. The system of brain development has strong immediate beneficial effects: the immunity becomes stronger, the process of an aging of the brain is suspended, the hormonal processes are normalized, the vessels of the brain become stronger, the physiological consequences of stress are going away etc. The medications are not used in the systema spetsnaz system. Training is done in a safe environment through different exercises on a physical, mental and spiritual level.




Systema Spetsnaz Intellect/Brain Development exercises includes:

Brain Development - interactions of left and right hemispheres of a brain1. Intellect development and methods of its enrichment

  • Frequencies of a brain’s activity and influence of external factors on intellect (emotions, electromagnetic and acoustical frequency, light and color waves, odors).
  • Memory as a component of intellectual capabilities. Exercises for memory, concentration and attention development.

2. Head and spine.

3. Back zones of a brain.

  • Exercises for visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile sensations.
  • Exercises for development of space orientation.
  • Frontal zones of the brain and zone of composite intellection.

4. Development of two hemispheres of the brain.

  • Left (logical) hemisphere of a brain. Exercises on activation of the left hemisphere of the brain.
  • Right (creative) hemisphere of a brain. Exercises on activation of a right hemisphere of the brain.
  • Exercises on development of interactions of both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Cerebellum and exercises for activation of its activity.
  • Self-massage on activation of a brain’s activity.


If you’d like to develop your left and right hemispheres of your brain – watch
Self-development DVDs and Spetsnaz Seminar Videos


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Psychophysical self-regulation

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Powerful joint

Systema Spetsnaz Self Development DVDs course

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Sight power in combat

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