Russian Spetsnaz DVD #5: Internal Wave EnergyRUSSIAN SPETSNAZ DVD #5:

Systema Spetsnaz was based on traditional Martial Arts and scientific knowledge of physics, mathematics, psychology.

The Wave Motion is one of the advanced principles in Systema Spetsnaz. It allows to save a lot of physical strength and makes your strikes, punches and kicks extremely powerful and effective. Just try it and you will discover a lot of hidden combat secrets of Russian Special Forces. There are not just exercises for joints (which is also very important for combat mobility). The wave motion is the unique mechanism of combat.

Apply the Wave Motion everywhere – in your strikes, knife combat, takedowns, for fighting with multiple opponents. It looks simple, but there are a lot within it!

~ by Elena Semenek,
President of the Systema Spetsnaz USA Branch

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Systema Spetsnaz DVD#7 - Wrist LocksRUSSIAN SPETSNAZ DVD #7:

I would like to call it JOINT LOCKS applications. This DVD covers the theory of levers and advanced self-defense techniques. Theory of levers is the fundamental principle in Systema Spetsnaz (you will use it everywhere, for strikes, weapons self-defense, takedowns techniques etc.) Another fundamental principle of hand to hand combat is wrist locks and fingers locks. And this DVD covers it well! This DVD also has examples of different life situations that good to take into consideration: self-defense in close hand to hand combat, wrist locks from knife threats and knife attack, wrist locks and finger locks working with guns, and some applications in combat with multiple opponents.
~ 12/14/2014 by Tommy Sættem

I have learned a few wrist locks while studying martial arts, but Systema shows wrist locks that are more combat applicable!!
~ 12/13/2014 by Neko Nicodemus

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Systema Spetsnaz Energy Strikes - DVD #10RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ DVD #10: ENERGY STRIKES

Systema Spetsnaz Energy strikes are powerful, penetrating strikes that go through the opponent’s body simultaneously in 3 directions. Energy strikes are formed through breathing, rotation and transferring body weight. The entire body takes part in the strike. It creates the powerful energy that starts from the feet, goes through the thighs and exits through the wrist.

Your opponent will not have any chance of resisting such a powerful strike! 

This DVD will definitely teach you how to deliver a powerful penetrating Systema strikes. And it also will teach you how to breath when someone is attacking you. You will learn how to get in sync with your opponent and use his energy against him. An eye-opening DVD!
~ 04/23/2015 by Paul Baxter

I have watched this Systema Spetsnaz DVD and the drills are simple. I practice with a friend, and he said that I have much more power using these drills than usual.
~ 12/13/2014 by Neko Nicodemus

Simple instructions for immediate results!! Following directions, taking care of small details in the execution of strikes occur immediately gain strength and penetration. Highly Recommend this Systema DVD!!
~ 12/12/2014 by Walter Priori Friggi

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Systema Spetsnaz Seminar - Combat DualityRUSSIAN SPETSNAZ DVD #17: COMBAT DUALITY

This Spetsnaz DVD is one of my favorites. This DVD contains some self-development techniques that work well with combat applications. I am a great fan of relaxation techniques! And to be relaxed during the combat is a vital part of Systema Spetsnaz training.

This Russian Spetsnaz DVD also contains safe falling techniques(!)  which are extremely important for any martial arts.

The DVD description is pretty accurate. And.. This Spetsnaz DVD is about 2 hours long, so be prepared to gain a lot of knowledge.
~ 04/01/2015 by Mitchel Lodder

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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #11 - Psycho-physical self-regulationRUSSIAN SPETSNAZ DVD #11: PSYCHO-PHYSICAL SELF-REGULATION

At first, I could not understand how this Spetsnaz DVD can improve my martial arts skills. I have years of experience in several martial art styles. I decided to give it a chance and so glad that I purchased it!!!

I have learned how to correlate my self-defense moves with my breathing pattern. This is called a combat trance. I get less tired, my self-defense techniques is more precise, and I feel great!

Highly recommend this Systema Spetsnaz DVD to everyone!! You do not know what you are missing until you practice your martial arts techniques in tune with your breathing pattern and internal energy! Thank you very much, Vadim Starov, for bringing my combat skills to a new profound level!!! Definitely, worth the money and definitely must have DVD!!!
~ Justin Brown, October 10th, 2016

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Russian Spetsnaz

If you have your favorite Systema Spetsnaz DVD – please let us know in the comment box below!




  1. Francisco M Martinez's Gravatar Francisco M Martinez
    January 13, 2016    

    Can you send DVD^s to Mexico? And the cost?


    • Administrator's Gravatar Administrator
      January 13, 2016    


      We have students in Mexico, and we do send DVDs to Mexico. The shipping cost depends on the city. I recommend to get a DVD package (3 or more disks), because shipping for the package is lower than for each individual DVD.

      Add DVD set to the shopping card and click on the “checkout” button. The system will display the shipping cost specifically for your address. Then, if you are OK with the price you can make a payment. The system will display the shipping cost BEFORE you have to make the payment.

      Here is all our DVD packages –

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