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Which videos should I start with. I want train as if I will be in combat. I am fifty-eight years old and am in very good condition from a cardiac standpoint. I need your guidance to begin system combat correctly. Thank you for your time.


hand to hand combat training

Hello, for beginners we have a special course of 14 DVDs and we offer it with 30% discount! Here is a link:

If you can not afford this course, then start with 4 DVDs:

DVD #1 – is an introduction to Systems (a little bit of everything). You will get general knowledge about the style and how it works.

DVD #3 – elements and exercises, helpful to master physical strength and endurance.

DVD #5 – Internal Wave Energy – is one of the most important principles of Systema Spetsnaz.

DVD #14 – Powerful Joints –  joints’s movements are very important element in our system. I recommend using this DVD together with DVD #5.

Then, go with all other DVDs (any order). Each DVD will give you additional information and give you more knowledge to go deeper with your self-defense mastery!

Link to our Special Package (4 DVD set ~ 20% OFF) –

Russian Systema Spetsnaz


Systema Spetsnaz TrainingI already practice martial arts. But I would like to improve my skills with Russian Systema Spetsnaz. For that , I need your help to tell me with which DVD I should start with. I went on your site and looked at the instructional  DVDs. I thought that I should start with DVD 1 : the warrior s path and DVD 5 : internal wave energy (I eliminated DVD 3 : elements and exercises because I already practice  martial arts so I know a lot of them ) I would like to give me your opinion on that. Thank you very much. 


hand to hand combat trainingHello, DVD #1 and #5 are great choice! Since you already have Martial arts knowledge, I recommend you also to get:
DVD #7 – Wrist LocksDVD #8 – Takedowns and DVD #10 – Energy Strikes.

DVD #1 – The Warrior’s Path –  the goal of this DVD is to give a general understanding of the Systema Spetsnaz system, not to teach a specific technique. Although, it has several combat applications and principles.

DVD #5 – definitely, YES! It contains theory, exercises and principles of using wave motion for punches, strikes, kicks and takedowns.

I also recommend DVD #14 – Powerful Joints. This are no martial arts techniques, but this DVD will give you extra flexibility for the combat confrontations, especially for practicing figure 8 and wave motions which are fundamental in our style.

Russian Systema Spetsnaz

We also recommend Systema Spetsnaz Self-Defense Seminar (8.5 hours video course). Videos are available on DVDs and to view online. With online option – you will have unlimited access to the videos, can watch them as many times as you want from any device (computer, tablet, smart phone).

The explanations on the video are very simple and cover different subjects. It covers both – combat techniques and breathing/relaxation exercises. It will be a great place to start. After watching this set, you can decide which part of combat you’d like to focus on and select the proper DVD for yourself.

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Below are few fragments from the seminar.







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  1. Stephen's Gravatar Stephen
    August 1, 2014    

    With focus and persistence, how long should I give myself before I can use systema effectively , since anything can happen at any time? Thank you very much.

    • administrator's Gravatar administrator
      August 1, 2014    

      Hello Stephen,

      It varies for each person. It can be from 3 months to 5 years, depending on your current martial arts experience, physical shape, ability to learn. There are no limit in mastery. Every time you practice you are getting better and learn something new or sharpen what you’ve already know.

  2. Daneil's Gravatar Daneil
    October 31, 2014    

    Hi my name is Daniel i was want to learn all i can about systema so what do i need.
    thanks for your time.

    • administrator's Gravatar administrator
      October 31, 2014    

      Hi Daneil,

      I would recommend to start with our instructional DVDs. Complete Training set you can find here – (14 DVDs + 1 audio lesson + 6.5 hours of seminar video (HD).

  3. Barry's Gravatar Barry
    May 24, 2015    

    I am interested in the instructor course. I have studied systema briefly about 10 years ago after attending a couple of weekend workshops and buying dvds but I couldn’t find a local instructor.
    My question is how long does it take to become an instructor and what is the success rates of the evaluation?

    • Administrator's Gravatar Administrator
      May 26, 2015    

      Hello Barry,

      Your experience in Russian Martial Arts is impressive! We will be glad to help you to become a Systema Spetsnaz Instructor. Our success rate is 100%. We strongly believe that if person wants to achieve something, then he can do it. And we are here to help you on your journey. Based on your experience, it will probably take you couple of months. Visit our Instructors page and check our evaluation program –

      There are theoretical and practical part. Next to each subject we have recommended DVDs. I’m sure, that you’ve already mastered a lot of the subjects. So, you just have to go through all the steps and record the video. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email:

  4. Gill's Gravatar Gill
    February 9, 2016    

    Hi, I was wondering which DVD you would recommend for a self-defense/anti-bullying situation. The aim wouldn’t be to completely hurt the guy, just to keep him away. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    • Administrator's Gravatar Administrator
      February 9, 2016    

      Hello Gill,

      May I ask what is your age? This is important before I can give you any recommendations.

      • Gill's Gravatar Gill
        February 10, 2016    

        I am 19.

        • Administrator's Gravatar Administrator
          February 11, 2016    

          I recommend you to get our Self-Development DVDs: #11, #12 and #13. It will help you to get your confidence from “inside” and people will notice it.

          Also, buy DVD #3 – Elements & Exercises – it will help you to work on your muscles and physical strength.

          So, you can work on both: your inner confidence and outer confidence.

          And then, get DVD #7 – Wrist Locks. This will help you to know some combat tricks/techniques what to do if someone grabs you or pulls you by your jacket or shoulder.

          Those 5 DVDs will be the best set for you purpose. And if you get it as a set – you will get 25% off. Here is a link –

  5. Dies ist kein Spam's Gravatar Dies ist kein Spam
    December 15, 2021    

    Everything is very open with a very clear description of the issues.
    It was definitely informative. Your site is very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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