Systema Spetsnaz Feedback: Italy

Systema Spetsnaz Feedback - Russian Systema - Italy

I’m, Marco Morabito, the president of the I.K.M.O. (International Krav Maga Organization), Italy – Genoa, I write this feedback to point out the professionalism and the great combat skills of Systema Spetsnaz Chief-Instructor – Vadim Starov.

The theoretical hand to hand combat concepts and practical applications of systema self-defense have proved themselves. The effectiveness of the Systema style is really impressive! I frankly hope that my feedback and my experience will be useful for others Krav Maga Masters and will motivate them to try Systema methods. It will, definitely, benefit your Krav Maga skills and bring you to a higher level of combat mastery!

Marco Morabito,
the president of International Krav Maga Organization.

Systema vs Krav Maga

Systema vs Krav Maga

Vadim Starov brought not only Russian hand to hand combat techniques to the training, but also the history of Russian warriors, great value of traditions and culture. I am proud to be an instructor of Systema Spetsnaz school and share my knowledge with my students.

Fabbrizio Ligios
Krav Maga Instructor,
Systema Spetsnaz Instructor 1st level.

Systema vs Krav Maga

Systema vs Krav Maga

We are really appreciate the cleverness and the ingenuousness of the Systema teacher – Vadim Starov. A lot of people in Italy know Vadim and his Systema Spetsnaz style is becoming more and more popular because of its realistic combat approach and simplicity of the style. As a Krav Maga Instructor, I highly recommend to check out Systema training, because I strongly believe that it will expand your knowledge and help you to master your combat skills.

Agostino Ventriglia
Krav Maga Instructor,
Systema Spetsnaz Instructor 1st level.

Systema vs Krav Maga

Systema vs Krav Maga

I am grateful for the opportunity to train with Vadim Starov, certainly, this is a beginning to continue the art of the Russian Systema Spetsnaz in Italy.

Giorgio Simonelli
Krav Maga Instructor,
Systema Spetsnaz Instructor 1st level.

Systema vs Krav Maga

Systema vs Krav Maga

I thank the teacher, Vadim Starov, for all that he has taught to us in his Systema seminar in Italy. I hope to continue studying Systema Spetsnaz with him in the future.

Alberto Perini
Krav Maga Instructor,
Systema Spetsnaz Instructor 1st level.

Systema vs Krav Maga

Dear reader,

I would like to express my satisfaction about Vadim Starov’s Systema Spetsnaz seminar which took place in Genoa from 22/11/05 to 27/11/05. In fact, during this week I was shown a wide variety of fighting concepts and vital combat techniques. Furthermore,  is a very friendly person to speak with. Believe me or not, it’s worth learning Systema Spetsnaz! Just try it!

~ Fabio Rabolli

Systema vs Krav Maga


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  1. Avatar luigi
    August 13, 2014    

    Hi can you le me updated about of your seminarand courses in Italy and Europe.

    • Administrator administrator
      August 13, 2014    

      Sure! I added your email to our newsletter list.

  2. Avatar Fiammetta Bianchi
    September 14, 2015    

    Hi, I would like to organize a seminar in Rome. Could you contact me for info at my private email? thanks.

    • Administrator Administrator
      September 14, 2015    

      Hello Fiammetta,

      We will be glad to email you all the details and steps how to organize the Systema Spetsnaz seminar in Rome.

      Please, fill out the request form here – https://www.systemaspetsnaz.com/organize-seminar

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