Systema Spetsnaz Classes: Self Defense Training


Systema Training in Russia

Russia, Moscow:
Systema Spetsnaz Training center (more info..)

Systema Spetsnaz School in Italy

Italy, Sestri Levante:
Systema Spetsnaz instructor –  Andrea Bianchi
Email kravandre@alice.it
Phone: 333 3301532

Systema Training in Mexico

Mexico: San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur:
Systema Spetsnaz instructor –  Jorge Vikingo Guzman (more info..)

Systema Spetsnaz Greece

Systema Spetsnaz Training Center (more info..)


Systema Spetsnaz Training School Georgia
Georgia, Tbilisi:
Systema Spetsnaz Instructor Ehsan Ashtari
Email: iranmartialartsacademy@gmail.com

Systema Spetsnaz School in India

India,  Mumbai:
Systema Spetsnaz instructor – Master Jugnu Nanda
(West), Mumbai 400056
Phone: 9004691400, 9867300024
Whatsapp: 9757131364

Russian Martial Art Systema Spetsnaz Bulgaria

Georgi Pupanov
+359 87 852 4201


Systema Spetsnaz Training Schools

Upcoming Systema Spetsnaz Seminar (more info..)


New instructors are always welcome!

We will be glad to announce a new Systema Spetsnaz training location at our website. We offer an online certification program for anyone who is interested.


  1. Avatar Rafhi rasheed
    March 9, 2015    

    Do you have Systema Russian Spetsnaz classes in South India? I am interested.

    • Administrator administrator
      March 9, 2015    

      Hello Rafhi!

      At this moment, we don’t have any school or teacher in your India.

      I would recommend you to start with our instructional Systema DVDs. They are professionally done and you can learn a lot from it.

      If you are interested in instructor’s course, click here – Systema Spetsnaz – Self Defense Instructor’s program.

  2. Avatar Valentin
    May 2, 2015    

    I am searching for systema class near Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. Thank you for your time.

    • Administrator administrator
      May 4, 2015    

      Hello Valentin!

      At this moment, we don’t have any school or teacher in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

      I recommend you to start with our Systema Spetsnaz DVDs. They are professionally done and you can learn a lot from them!

      If you are interested in instructor’s course – click here: Systema Spetsnaz Instructor’s program.

    • Avatar Cameron McSpadden
      January 22, 2016    

      Valentin. I am also in Dallas. I feel sure if we can find enough students here we could convince an instructor to start a school.

  3. Avatar Mihaly
    July 21, 2015    


    Do you have a class or instructor here in Hungary?


    • Administrator Administrator
      July 21, 2015    

      Hello Mihaly,

      At this moment, we do not have Systema Spetsnaz instructor in Hungary.

      I recommend you to start with our instructional Systema DVDs.

      If you wish to become a Systema Spetsnaz Instructor, we offer Online Certification Program.

  4. Avatar Kolya
    September 23, 2015    

    Any classes in the UK? I would be lying if I said my dream wasn’t to become a Russian citizen and join the army

    • Administrator Administrator
      September 23, 2015    

      Hello Kolya,

      At this moment, we don’t have a school or an instructor in UK. I recommend you to start with our Instructional Self Defense DVDs.

      If you are interested in becoming a Systema Spetsnaz instructor we offer online certification program.

      Good luck with your training! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at info@systemaspetsnaz.com We are always here to help you master your Systema Spetsnaz combat fighting skills!

      P.S. We would like to encourage your interest and offer you a 15% additional discount for all Spetsnaz DVDs. I sent you a promo code directly to your email.

  5. Avatar nasibullah erfan
    October 21, 2015    

    hi i am from afghanistan how can i learn it online and get certificate i am a kickboxer in blue belt so its free or want money if it require money how can i piad it please help me

  6. Avatar Carol
    March 15, 2016    

    I am interested in private class in Rhode Island. I live in Connecticut and could come for the day. thank you.

  7. Avatar ilja
    April 3, 2016    

    Когда и где вы будите проводить курсы в след. раз в Германии?

    • Avatar Admin
      April 4, 2016    

      Здравствуте, Илья

      На данный момент у нас нет запланированного семинара в Германии.
      Я добавила Ваш имеил в нашу базу. Вы будите получать новости от нашей организации, включая семинары.

      Также я рекомендую Вас подписаться на нашу страницу на Facebook – там мы публикуем информацию о ближайших семинарах.

      У нас очень много студентов из разных стран и многие достигли высоких успехов и некоторые стали инструкторами.
      Я рекомендую Вам начать заниматься по учебным дискам. Это Вам очень поможет в будущем для участия в семинаре.
      Если вы подготовитесь дома, то на семинаре сможите изучать самозащиту на более глубоком уровне. Семинары у нас от 3х до 7 дней и идут очень интенсивно. В домашних условиях вы сможите изучить материал в удобном для вас темпе, проработать детали, движения, удары, вращения. А семинар лишь закрепит Ваши знания и поможет их отточить и усовершенствовать.

      Если у Вас есть возможность приехать летом на наш Система Спецназ Мастер Класс – 7 дневный курс под Тверью (2 часа от Москвы) – то это будет максимально полезный для Вас курс.

  8. Avatar Antonios
    May 1, 2016    

    do you plan to open a training center in Dubai?

    • Administrator Administrator
      May 2, 2016    

      Hello Antonios,

      Thank you for contracting us.

      We will be glad to open a Systema Spetsnaz training center in Dubai, but unfortunately, at this moment we don’t have any instructor in your area. Please do not give up!!

      I recommend you to start with our Instructional Self Defense DVDs

      We have a lot of international students who achieved great results by training at home!

      I recommend you to read our Systema Spetsnaz Training Tips

      Feel free to contact us with any training questions that you might have during practicing our DVDs.
      We are hear to share our knowledge and help you to master your combat skills!

  9. Avatar Peyton
    September 21, 2016    

    I want to join the Russian spetsnaz in Russia, when I finish high school, is there any chance that I’ll be able to get a training video for free

  10. Avatar Paul
    June 26, 2018    

    Any training Kentucky (usa)

  11. Avatar Vladimir
    July 3, 2018    

    Hi! Do you have any classes In Los Angeles?

  12. Avatar Marlyn
    October 22, 2018    


    Do you have training center or instructor here in Dubai

  13. Avatar Mark
    March 31, 2019    


    Do you have an instructor in the UK as yet?


  14. Avatar Hamid Reza Hashemi Pour Asal
    July 16, 2019    

    I’m a Vassiliev Systema instructure living in England and would love to practice Spetnaz Systema but can’t find a class.
    Can you please help me to find the nearest place to practice?

    Thank you

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