The combat trance: breathing energy & meditation in Systema Spetsnaz

Breathin Energy in Systema Spetsnaz

Systema Spetsnaz TrainingI have a question regarding self development DVD #12 : regenerative breathing energy.

In fact, when I do meditation (the one that they teach in the DVD), I feel the same vibrations that I feel when I am practicing psycho-physical self regulation with the black dot. I feel the same trance …Is that normal?

Also, looking at the black dot for a long period of time is hard for the legs. do you have a trick to empty your mind and do all the exercises without thinking of your legs.

Thank you for your answers , Mathieu.


hand to hand combat trainingThat’s normal. You might have similar feelings during different meditations, including working with black dot.

You don’t have to suffer during the meditation, so if you feel pain in your legs, you may try it in a sitting position.

The most important is to empty your mind from all the thoughts.

Before the meditation:

Step #1: Imagine as you are putting all your thoughts, emotions, problems in a bag and hang it behind you. Tell yourself – when I finish my practice, I will get back to you.

Step #2: Then do a 3-5 deep breaths with your belly and start to breathe in with your nose and breathe out with your mouth. Focus on how the cool air is going through your nostrils, then through your throat to your lungs and how the warm air is coming back from your lungs – through your throat – to your mouth – and going out. Do it for 1-2 minutes and then start your meditation.



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