MVD – The Ministry of Internal Affairs – Russian History

Russian MVD "Bobcat", 2014 - The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

The MVD (The Ministry of Internal Affairs), which encompassed the regular, or nonpolitical, police, had a long history in the Soviet Union. It was first established as the NKVD on November 18, 1917. It has undergone several organizational and name changes since then. When the MVD was established in 1954, the security police was separated from the regular police. Then, in 1962 the MVD was redesignated the Ministry for the Preservation of Public Order – MOOP. The changes were accompanied by increasing criticism of the regular police in the Soviet press for its shortcomings in combating crime.

NKVD – People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs

NKVD – People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs

1918 – NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs) had been formed to control the police department, criminal investigation departments, fire brigades, internal troops, and prison guards.

Soviet Union and KGB

The Soviet Union Internal Security - USSR - Russian History

The Soviet Union system had to protect itself from internal and external threats by creating a strong security system. The system included the police patrols, strong judicial departments and prosecution department as well as an external security and foreign intelligence departments. The KGB played an important role in implementing the anti-corruption campaign.

The Soviet Army – Smersh – GRU

Chief of Counterintelligence "SMERSH" V.S.Abakumov

The Soviet Army: In April, 1943 by the order of Stalin the SMERSH organization was created. The most of SMERSH specialists were taken from GRU. Based on statistic, only in 1943, SMERSH investigators neutralized and arrested 80.296 hostile agents, saboteurs, bandits, and other criminal elements at liberated territories.

Russian Military History: The Origins of Russian Military Doctrine

Russian History

Considering the enormous changes that have taken place in the Soviet Union in the 67 years since the Bolshevik Revolution, it seems difficult to believe that certain fundamentals of its character as a nation have remained virtually unaltered. By comparison, the democratic countries of the West and Japan have profoundly reshaped their political and economic ideologies during this period. Since 1924, The Soviet Union have had only four leaders compare to the eleven presidents in the United States. The heads of the Soviet Communist Party have held their power for a minimum of ten years.

The Golden Horde – Battle of Kulikovo

The Battle of Kulikovo

The Golden Horde held its positions in 1342-1357, but after the death of Jani Beg it fell into political chaos. In September 1380, the Battle of Kulikovo became one of the greatest and bloodiest battles in the history of mankind.

Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky, a talented military man and skilful statesman, was also a feudal lord, and a very vainglorious on top of that. He had put his vainglory above everything else. He stood firmly against his brothers, and mercilessly crushed his enemies; he even resolutely persecuted anti-Tartar guerilla.

Peter The Great: The Battle of Poltava

The Battle of Poltava

On June 27th, 1709 one of the famous events in the World History took place – The Battle of Poltava. Russian military headed by Peter The Great won a brilliant victory over the Swedish army headed by Karl the XII. The Battle of Poltava is an unfading example of the feat of arms, courage and valour of the people for their independence. The victory at the Battle of Poltava saved the Ukrainian and Byelorussian peoples from enslavement, strengthened their friendship with the Russian people.

Russian History: 7th to 20th Century

The History of Russia

Russian history has several major periods: Kievan Rus, the Moscow Rise period, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, Russian Federation. The key events of the history of Russia were the adoption of Christianity, the Mongol conquest of Russia, reforms of Peter the Great, communism, reforms of 1990-th.

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