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Russian Spetsnaz – GRU – KGB – FSB – MVD – Alpha – Vympel

Russian Spetsnaz GRU

Russian Spetsnaz History: GRU, KGB, FSB, MVD, Alpha, Vympel. The Russian Spetsnaz Troops were raised as the troops of the Main Intelligence Department and in the 1980s numbered 30,000 soldiers. During the 1970’s, when the Cold War was at its height, the West became aware of the existence of Soviet Spetsnaz troops. Although the Cold War is over, Russian Spetsnaz units are still part of the Russian order-of-battle, although their missions have changed.

GRU – Spetsnaz GRU

The GRU - Russian Spetsnaz GRU

The GRU, also called Spetsnaz GRU, is the foreign intelligence department of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and it carries out the functions of the central organ of military intelligence within the General Staff.

The Soviet Army – Smersh – GRU

Chief of Counterintelligence "SMERSH" V.S.Abakumov

The Soviet Army: In April, 1943 by the order of Stalin the SMERSH organization was created. The most of SMERSH specialists were taken from GRU. Based on statistic, only in 1943, SMERSH investigators neutralized and arrested 80.296 hostile agents, saboteurs, bandits, and other criminal elements at liberated territories.

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