Spetsnaz Vityaz – Russian Special Forces

Spetsnaz Vityaz – Russian Special Forces

The Spetsnaz Vityaz was originally designed as anti-terrorist Special Operation unit. Spetsnaz Vityaz regularly conducted operations to counter-terrorism patrols on the border of Chechnya and the Caucasus. Vityaz soldiers are also trained to prevent disorder in prisons. More than 70 soldiers of the detachment were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation for courage and heroism.

In the 70-s due to the terrorism problems in Europe there was a need to have military units designed to perform a specific – fight against terror. The Interior Ministry decided to establish a special operative division of internal troops which will have special training for anti-terrorism and other illegal activities.
The training began in 1978. The division was created from the best athletes on a voluntary basis.

The first operation was to provide security at the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980.

A special purpose unit named “Vityaz” was created in 1991.

Russian Special Forces: The Uniform of Spetsnaz Vityaz

Russian Special Forces: The Uniform of Spetsnaz Vityaz

The idea of the Crimson Beret test (for the right to wear the beret) was also born in the “Vityaz”. The first commander of Spetsnaz Vityaz was Sergey Lysyuk. Together with other officers he developed criterias for special examinations, physical and tactical training, which are held in all divisions of the Interior troops to the present days.
In 1999-2003 Spetsnaz Vityaz participated in many anti-terrorism operations in the North Caucasus.

In November 2002, Russian President Vladimir Putin handed the Gold Star of the Hero to the parents of Sergey Burnaev, the fighter of Spetsnaz Vityaz. Sergey Burnaev died on the military duty in Chechnya.

In October 2002, Spetsnaz Vityaz in conjunction with other special units of the Federal Security Service and the Interior Ministry of Russia took part in a special operation to eliminate the terrorists who seized hostages in the Dubrovka theater.

The Spetsnaz Vityaz also participated in the anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya.

At the present time, the soldiers of Spetsnaz Vityaz are fighting against terrorists in the North Caucasus.

Spetsnaz Vityaz

Some of the Russian Special Forces Internal Troops are:

  • 604 SPC “Vityaz”, Moscow
  • 7 OCH “Rosich”, Novocherkassk
  • 12 OCH “Ural”, Nizhny Tagil
  • 15 OCH “Vyatich”, Armavir
  • 17 OCH “Edelweiss”, Mineralnye Vody
  • 19 OCH “Ermak”, Novosibirsk
  • 21 OCH “Typhoon”, Khabarovsk
  • 23 OCH “Obereg”, Chelyabinsk
  • 25 OCH “Mercury”, Smolensk
  • 26 OCH “Bars”, Kazan
  • 27 OCH “Kuzbass”, Kemerovo
  • 28 OCH “Ratnik”, Arkhangelsk
  • 29 OCH “Bulat”, Ufa
  • 33 OCH “Peresvet”, Moscow
  • 34 OCH, Grozny
  • 35th OCH “Rus”, Simferopol

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