VIP Bodyguards for Hire – Personal Bodyguard Services

If you are planning a vacation to a big city, flying to a different country or need personal bodyguard services in your town, we are here to provide you the best VIP bodyguard services.

Personal, Family, Business event protection – we do it all! We provide skilled, professional bodyguards for private, executive and overseas protection.

Personal Bodyguard Services For Hire

Bodyguards for Hire: 4 types of Bodyguard Services

Personal Bodyguard Services

Bodyguards for hire: Personal bodyguard services usually consist of 1-3 bodyguards who are assigned to protect the client, his/her family members, their property and/or business. In addition, you may also request an armed driver. All our bodyguards are trained to quickly identify and neutralize any threat they may encounter.  Personal bodyguard team should be able to react immediately to any threat, quickly and safely evacuate the client and their families in an emergency route. Personal bodyguard services usually requested for a long period of time, for 30 to 180 days contract.

Personal Bodyguard Services For Hire

VIP Bodyguard Services

Bodyguards for hire: Vip bodyguard services usually consist of 1-5 bodyguards for special events. Often requested for celebrities protection, and required from 12 to 72 hours close protection.

VIP Personal Bodyguard Services For Hire

Executive Protection Bodyguard Services

Bodyguards for hire: Executive bodyguard services are for clients with more demands for personal protection. Can consist of 3-9 bodyguards with a military background. Often includes overseas traveling. Executive protection bodyguard services include:
1. 24 hours personal protection
2. Site safety assessment
3. Risk assessment to determine all possible threats and prevent them
4. 24 hours surveillance services with security cameras to identify any possible threats before any intruder is able to approach a client.
5. Additional Security, Armored cars, and hidden safety rooms

Executive bodyguard services are for clients in a high-risk environment (often required an armored vehicle, armored steel doors, bullet proof glass windows to tires that will not deflate if punctured). “Hidden Safe Rooms” at the client’s residence for maximum security.

Personal Bodyguard Services For Hire

Exclusive Bodyguards for Hire

If you have a specific situation or want to hire a bodyguard for a special assignment, let us know your demands and we will consider your request as an exclusive order. We have bodyguards with a military background in Special Operation Services. We will do our best to meet your highest expectation with flying colors!

Personal Bodyguard Services For Hire

Bodyguards for Hire – prices:

The average price for the bodyguard service is $85 an hour (without weapons) and
for an armed bodyguard is from $125 hour.

Send us your request for bodyguard services and let us prove our promises!

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