Bodyguard Training – Close VIP Protection Training Course

Systema Spetsnaz is inviting you for our special bodyguard training course for close VIP protection. This training is for licensed security personnel and bodyguards who wants to improve their skills of Special VIP Protection. If you are not working in security or personal protection or do not have any experience in a field, unfortunately, this training course is not for you. We will be glad to see you at our regular self-defense seminars.

Bodyguard training course: close VIP protection

Bodyguard training course: close VIP protection 


  • Minimum working experience as a security personnel or bodyguard: 6 months
  • Must be at least 18 years old and have firearm license
  • Must be in a good physical shape to do intense sport activities
  • Must be able to train under high level of stress


Bodyguard training course: close VIP protection


Total training time: 18 hours
Total training days: 3 days (6 hours per day)

Bodyguard Training Course - Systema Spetsnaz

Bodyguard training course day #1:

1. Testing current bodyguard skills 
Testing allows you to set the level of preparedness of the participants and plan the intensity level of training for the next 4 days, possibly divide students into groups for more effective training results.

2. Important bodyguard “rules”

  • bodyguard behavior
  • situations of applying a physical force while protecting VIP clients
  • rules of use of weapons vs hand to hand combat
  • rules of using firearms while accompanying a person
  • type of crimes against the VIP person and his/her property
  • circumstances and bodyguard actions in critical life-threatening situations

3. Special bodyguard firearm training (without actual shooting)

  • safety rules and tips for working with different type of firearms
  • essential bodyguard skills:
    – recovery the gun from the holster
    – types of grips (pros and cons)
  • speedy recovery of weapons from the holster and loading the weapon
  • targeting a weapon and opening a fire
  • type of grips of the weapons (pros and cons)
  • delays in shooting

Note: firearms training (actual shooting) available by request only. 


Bodyguard training course day #2:

1. Physical bodyguard training
Advanced training for endurance and physical strength.

2. Tactical bodyguard training 

  • general bodyguard knowledge of close VIP protection
  • tactics in potentially threatening situations
  • tactics in a high-risk environment
  • learning the different types of enemy’s behavior, preventing the possible threats
  • escorting and protecting VIP person from active  shooting
  • inspection of vehicles and buildings while exiting life-threatening situations


3. Bodyguard hand to hand combat training

  • Advanced self-defense training for close VIP protection
  • Close hand to hand combat in limited space (hallway, staircases, next to the wall, doorway etc.)
  • Close hand to hand combat in extreme situations
  • Using everyday objects as a weapon
  • Weapon disarming techniques (firearms)
  • Knife fighting and knife disarming techniques
  • Fighting against multiple opponents


Bodyguard training course day #3:

1. Psychological bodyguard training
Development of psychological resilience to stressful factors.

2. Medical training

  • basic first aid training
  • resuscitation methods
  • modes of transportation and evacuation of casualties in regular and extreme situations

3.  Reality-based bodyguard training
Practical exercises of close VIP protection to master bodyguard’s skills (different scenarios with sharp weapons and firearms).

4. Testing bodyguards theoretical knowledge and practical skills after the training.
Testing helps to evaluate the training results and give individual recommendations to each participant.

Bodyguard training course: close VIP protection

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