The systema is based on the natural flow of the energy and efficiency of motion Within space and time. Techniques are simple and practical, Allowing the student to learn and advance at Their Own Pace.


Russian SystemaThe second day of training is dedicated to knife fighting and internal energy in combat.  Based on knife techniques you can learn the most important elements of self-defense such as footwork, body rotation, strikes, defense from strikes, escapes from grabs and counter-attacks.

  • Gain knowledge of entering the state of combat trance,  generating and releasing internal wave energy
  • Learn about the importance of catching your opponent’s movements, speed, breathing and energy through exercises of copying your partner
  • Discover the powerful defense and counter-attack principle of “reverse mirror”
  • Develop your joint flexibility and use it to escape from grabs and holds
  • Master the five main keys of combat motion: linear, triangular, circular, spiral and figure “eight” movements
  • Improve your striking technique through knife fighting (combining stab and cut in one motion, dodging knife strikes)
  • Learn life-saving techniques of fighting on the ground, avoiding kicks, using incoming force for self-defense (resistance vs. combat flow)
  • Sharpen your combat skills against a stronger opponent
  • Find out how to determine the best striking points, and the easiest way of setting a combat distance to redirect an unexpected attack

As a bonus we added a few powerful variations of self-defense against kicks!

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Systema Spetsnaz 9 DVD set

Russian Martial Art - Systema Spetsnaz

The roots of  Systema – Russian Martial Art  - date to the 10th century – developed by Cossacks – Russian Warrior’s. Traditional training methods are Utilized with modern concepts of combat  Spetsnaz – Russian Special Forces , que are based on scientific approach and is adaptable for military, police, security or civilian training.


Vadim Starov – Founder Systema Spetsnaz, President, Chief-Instructor

Vadim Starov – President and Chief Instructor of the International Training Center Systema Spetsnaz Russian Style Hand to Hand Combat. Starov Vadim was born in Russia, in the family of military tradition. His father was an officer of the Russian Army.

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Russian Martial Art - Systema Spetsnaz


My name is Manchun Yang. I’m president of Krav Maga Korea Federation and Korea Teuk-Kong moo sul 6 dan. I appreciate Master Vadim Starov. I was invited Russian hand to hand combat seminar in Tver city.  Master Vadim’s skill is great and I feel good also Russian traditional martial arts and meditation’s relax energy.  I think Systema Spetsnaz’s defense system is very impressive, effective, explosive techniques. I consider it my duty to write to you and thank you, truly.

Friendly KMKF  President
Manchun Yang
July 2014

Online training helped me understand myself and discover new abilities. Vadim Starov training method is simple and effective. Through breathing exercises it was easy to understand the energy flow and body-work on self-improvement. Various breathing methods, working with imagination and energy exercises opened for me a new meditation techniques. Ultimately, I felt relaxed and was able to clean my body from “clogged”.  I noticed the powerful energy during the online seminar. It was a light vibration feelings in my body and I was able to manage it. I am grateful to Vadim Starov for the training.  I will gladly join his future online sessions. I will try my best to go to Russia and train with Vadim in person.

Best Regard, Maxim
Woodland Hills, CA

I was a translator for the self-development seminar level one. I was impressed by the knowledge that Mr. Starov shared with participants. I learned several breathing and relaxation techniques, discovered that our body can generate the amazing powerful energy that everybody has. It just hidden inside us. Daily routine, work, stress – this is what we used too. What about peace of mind, balance and harmony in our life? Vadim teaches how to release the inner energy. After the first training day and felt how powerful it was. This is what everybody needs! This will help to achieve the higher level in Martial Art, and benefit everything in life – success at work and happiness in relationship. Healthy lifestyle is not only what you eat, it’s about how you feel. Stop looking for happiness outside, look inside!

Elena S.
Los Angeles, USA